The City of SPI is working to make it easier for owners to comply with the City Ordinances regarding Short-Term Rentals (STR).

The City of SPI provides information online, as well as an informative brochure which is available at City Hall, detailing the registration procedure and explaining the importance of Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT).

A database of registered short-term rental properties is also available.  In an effort to ensure compliance with all local ordinances, this database publicizes the Agent/Owner of the property along with a contact number.  You can search this database by visiting, mouse over “How do I?” and select “Search for Short-Term Rental Permits.”  You will also find information on what you will need and how you can register your STR property or properties.

On ​September​ ​25,​ ​2017, the City of SPI​ ​sent out this Press Release:

Implements​ ​Update​ ​to​ ​Short-term​ ​Rental​ ​Registration​ ​Areas:

​To provide the community with a more user friendly interface, the City has implemented updates to the Hotel Occupancy Tax and Short-Term Rental Registration program or database located on the City website. The updates were launched this past weekend and are ready to be utilized.

These changes were necessary to allow easier registration, renewal, transfer and browsing. When a property owner or manager logs into their user account, they are able to register a new property, edit property information, do one-click releases of properties that are no longer owned/managed, and – if nothing has changed from one year to the next – there is now a “renew all” button to expedite annual renewals. Additionally, the City has implemented autofill functions to allow for a quicker registration process, as well as a permit status column which reflects registrations that are active/expired.

Short-term vacation rentals bring a positive economic impact to the City in several ways. For example, they contribute Hotel Occupancy Tax revenues. At the same time, short-term rental guests benefit the local economy by spending money at other visitor related amenities, such as restaurants and retail stores. For more information visit


South Padre Island, TX – October 8, 2015: The City of South Padre Island adopted the new City Ordinance 15-03 in April to get all Short-term rental (STR) property owners to obtain permit numbers for their properties. The new Ordinance was initiated to bring awareness that STR property owners must be registered to pay their Hotel Occupancy Tax and report their tax payments monthly.
The need to bring STR property owners into compliance with Hotel Occupancy Tax is not only being recognized in South Padre Island, but in other Texas Cities as well. A San Antonio news article recently reported that, “Local hoteliers are pushing for stricter regulations of home rentals made through websites such as AirBNB and HomeAway, suspecting that some property owners are skirting the city’s hotel and occupancy tax.”

To date, the City of South Padre Island has 2,216 rental properties now in compliance and the City is working diligently to ensure that property owners and rental managers are reporting monthly tax revenues. City Ordinance No. 15-03 Sec. 11-222 (a) states, “Pursuant to Sec. 17-10 of the city code, the Owner or Operator shall, submit a monthly report to the City, on the appropriate Hotel Occupancy Tax Collection Report form, even if the short term rental unit was not rented during any such month”.

South Padre Island has begun working with UTRGV to identify STR units not in compliance with the City Ordinance, and continues to see improved compliance by the property owners.